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 Bulma is the daughter of Dr. Briefs, and her mother only known as Mama. Her father is the founder of the Capsule
             Corporation, and the inventor of the Capsule. She was 16 when the series started and ROUGHLY 61 when Z ends. She is a
             scientific genius, and she's got good looks to go along with them. Some of her achievements are; building the Dragon
             Radar, inventing a shrinking ray mounted in a watch, rebuilding an alien scouter, learning how to use an alien ship, and
             repairing an artificial human with her dad, just to name a few things. In the beginning of Dragon Ball she is very important as
             a character, but she becomes less of a focus as the series progresses. Her husband is Vegeta, and she has two children.
             Trunks is their son, and Bra is their daughter.

                 Bulma was the second character to appear in Dragon Ball after Son Goku. When the series started out she was a young
             girl, 16 years of age, who was out on her own spending her summer break from school searching for magical spheres called
             the Dragon Balls. Her wish was originally to have all the strawberries she could eat, but she later changed her mind and
             wanted a perfect boyfriend. When she first met Goku, she wasn't very nice. She wanted to take his Dragon Ball from him, but
             he refused because he believed his grandfather's soul was in it. She then tried to bribe him by letting him touch her panties,
             but Goku had no desire to touch her "dirty butt.". Finally she asked if he could come with her and bring along his Dragon
             Ball. He liked the idea, but Bulma was going to use his Dragon Ball when she got all of them, and use him as a bodyguard.
             She was pretty sly for a kid her age.

                 Later on, Bulma met Yamcha. The two became girlfriend and boyfriend, and Yamcha lived with her at her parent's house,
             the Capsule Corporation. As time went by, Bulma grew up, and became very, uh, touchy. Much more so than when she was
             a kid. She breaks up with Yamcha because he fools around with other women, but when he's killed by the Saibaman, she
             realized she truly loved him. She tagged along with the guys on Nameck because she suffers from a great deal of self pride,
             and didn't think anyone else could use the Nameckian ship, and partly because she wanted to help get Yamcha back. After
             the Nameck ordeal, Bulma and Yamcha got back together, and seemed happy, (with an occasional slip-up on Yamcha's part).

                 However, when Vegeta trains at the Capsule Corp. in her father's gravity room, she seems to gain some affection for him.
             After the three years pass when everyone was training for their confrontation with the Artificial Humans, Bulma shows up
             with a kid in her arms. His name is Trunks, and he's Vegeta and Bulma's son. Sometime later, after the death of Cell, Bulma
             and Vegeta get hitched, and Vegeta learns to actually care for his family, although he doesn't let his emotions truly show
             until a while later. But Bulma really loves him, and shows it as well. During the Buu saga, Bulma is pretty much a useless
             character. She doesn't invent anything, or assist in a fight; she's just there as drama. She dearly loves her son Trunks, but
             she's pretty stern with him sometimes, a la Chi Chi. At the very end of Z after the death of Buu, she's twice as "touchy" as
             before, and she really looks as if she's aged. Once again, she's not important at the end, but just a nice face to see at the end
             of the series.

                 However, GT pulls a 180 degree turn, and she becomes fairly important again. First she helps to get Goku a ship to fly
             around the universe in, and later in the series, she becomes VERY important when Bebi takes over her body. He makes her
             his assistant, and she figures out weaknesses of Son, and how to turn Bebi into a Golden Ozaru. During the Evil Shenlon
             saga she's not important, and hardly seen until the end, where Goku and Vegeta face off against Ii Shenlon. She invents the
             Brute Ray, a special tank that shoots off high amounts of Brute Waves, causing Vegeta to turn Super Saiyan 4.

                 She and Vegeta disappear at the end, and lose contact with the Sons, but in the last episode, you can tell Bulma's grand
             daughter, and Vegeta's great grandson. And that's about it for Bulma.