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He is one of the major villains who appears after the epic battle between Son Goku and Vegeta. The battle against Freeza
             was the longest segment of the entire series.

                 He was the villain who destroyed Gokuís home planet. Even though Freeza would not openly admit, his greatest
             nightmare is the Saiyajin, that is why their home planet must be destroyed.

                 Shortly after Vegeta finished his battle with Goku, we encounter Freeza in the planet of the Namek. Both the Dragon Ball
             Warriors and Freeza and his minions arrived at the planet to acquire the more powerful Dragon Balls. Although both arrived
             with the same purpose, their motives were quite different. The Dragon Ball Warriors wanted to revive Piccolo and his other
             half, Tenshin, while Freeza, with his insatiable appetite for power, wanted eternal life.

                 He did not begin to demonstrate his capabilities until he started the battle against Vegeta when he took his first
             transformation. Freeza is capable of three transformations, becoming more powerful each time, during which, Vegeta was
             killed and Piccolo met nearly the same fate. Then, Son Goku joined the battle.

                 This is the battle where first saw the Super Saiyajin. Freeza served as the catalyst for that when he killed Kuririn out of his
             frustration. The angry Son Goku became Super Saiyajin and eventually overcame Freeza. Goku, being a good sportsman like
             always spares Freeza's life so he could challege Freeza again. But Freeza's uncontainable pride and unwillingless to accept
             defeat sealed his fate. Miracalously, he still managed to survive until recued by his father

                 After being rescued by his Father, Freeza decided to go to earth for his revenge, but only to seal his fate by the arrival of
             Future Trunks.