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Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force is Freeza's own special task force. They are the absolute best of the best in the known universe.
             Consisting of five essential members. Burter, a tall blue fish form character who is supposed to be one of the fastest
             creatures in the universe. Recoome, the red head and bulky character who holds an incredible amount of strength and
             power. Guldo, the small green frog-like character who has the ability to freeze time. Jeice, who is red with white hair and
             seems to have a fair amount of power in every aspect instead of it being completely in an individual trait. Finally, Ginyu, the
             purple and horned leader of the Ginyu Force who is not only extremely powerful but also has the ability to switch bodies
             with another individual.

                 The Ginyu Force's history is short but important. Freeza sends for them to collect the Dragonballs which all his other
             henchmen failed to do. The Ginyu Force caught up with Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin before they were able to make their wish.
             Ginyu took the dragonballs back to Freeza's spaceship from there Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin were forced to face the
             remaining four members. First Gohan and Krillin took on Guldo and failed to win, Vegeta came to their rescue and killed
             Guldo. Then Vegeta took on Recoome with valiant effort but without succeeding, Gohan stepped in but also failed to bring
             him down but had his neck broken by Recoome. Luckily Goku's ship landed just shortly after this happened. Goku defeated
             Recoome and Burter with a single attack on each of them. Jeice became frightened and whent to get Captain Ginyu.

                 After getting Captain Ginyu, he and Jeice returned. Krillin and Gohan took off and Vegeta abandoned Goku just before the
             fight. Ginyu fought Goku and he seemed to have the advantage, but Ginyu knew Goku was hiding his true power. He
             convinced Goku to show it, but from doing this it revealed Goku was much stronger than Ginyu. Ginyu knowing winning
             was impossible, intentionally hurt himself severely. He held out his arms, screamed "CHANGE!" and switched bodies with
             Goku. Ginyu, then in Goku's body took off for Freeza's spaceship.

                 Upon returning, Ginyu and Jeice found Krillin and Gohan who had found the dragonballs. After realizing that the man in
             Goku's body was not Goku, Krillin and Gohan reluctantly fought with Ginyu who had not adjusted to the change of bodies
             and his power level was relatively low. As his power slowly increased Goku arrived in Ginyu's old body and helped fight.
             Vegeta began and ended a fight with Jeice, then decided to fight with Ginyu in Goku's body. Vegeta attacked and easily beat
             Ginyu, Ginyu made an attempt to switch to Vegeta's body but Goku in Ginyu's body jumped in the way and therefore both
             were back to their original selves. Ginyu now restored to his own body was once again attacked and beat up by Vegeta.
             Ginyu made one last try to switch bodies with Vegeta but Goku through a namekian frog in the way. Ginyu then became the
             frog and the frog became Ginyu.

                  That for the most part ended the Ginyu Force legacy, Ginyu did however make one final attempt to get to a stronger
             body. He be-friend Bulma while Goku and Freeza's fight was going on. Bulma created a device to allow her new frog friend to
             talk. Ginyu could then scream "CHANGE!" switching bodies with Bulma. Ginyu in Bulma's body whent to the battlefield,
             finding Piccolo there he began to do his change sequence but, Gohan discovered it was not really Bulma, threw the frog that
             the real Bulma was inhabiting, directly into the path between Piccolo and Ginyu. Ginyu was then changed back into a frog
             and Bulma was herself again. Finally the Ginyu Force members do make some short appearances in the Dragon Ball Z series
             while in the afterlife.