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Radditz, one of the four surviving members of the Saiya-jin race from the planet Vegeta that was destroyed.  He comes to
             earth in search of Kakarotto/Kakarot (Goku).  Radditz told Goku that they are brothers and he has come to take Goku with
             him.  When Goku wouldn't join him, Radditz took Goku's son named Gohan and flew off to hide on the earth to put pressure
             on Goku to join him.  Piccolo showed up at the Kame House where Goku was debating on how to handle the situation.
             Piccolo proposed that they make a temporary alliance to defeat Radditz.  For those of you who don't know Piccolo and Goku
             were arch enemies before Dragon Ball Z so this was definitely a surprising subject for Goku. Nevertheless Goku agreed and
             they when't off to attack Radditz.

                 When Goku and Piccolo showed up at the Radditz "hide out" he was surprised.  One thing he didn't expect was for
             anyone to find him without scouters.  A battle took place, now while Radditz was much stronger, he underestimated Goku
             and Piccolo several times.  The fact he believed he was superior to them was most of which led to his downfall.  Even
             though Goku showed mercy to Radditz and let go of Radditz 's tail that was crippling him, Radditz took advantage of his
             mercy and attacked Goku after he was released from the restraint of pain.  As all hoped seemed lost, Gohan exploded in
             anger and burst from the Saiya-jin space pod that Radditz put him in.  Gohan's fury exploded and he attacked Radditz.  After
             being severely injured Radditz knocked out Gohan and prepared to kill him. Once again Radditz was careless and forgot
             about Goku, who came up from behind and held him tight. Piccolo charged his Makkankosappo attack. Goku knowing there
             was no other way to defeat Radditz, he sacrificed himself by holding Radditz and being caught up in the Makkankosappo.
              Both were killed, but before Radditz died he told of the coming Saiya-jins that now know of the dragon balls on the earth.