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SSBM Walkthrough

---------------------HIDDEN CHARACTERS----------------------

Beat a one player game (Classic or Adventure Mode) and Jigglypuff will challenge you. Win and you will be able to play as her.

Chosse Adventure mode with any character. On the first level, go across the finish line when the time is at 2 seconds (Example: 5:02,2:02,ect) You will see a clip of Luigi jumping on mario. Now you will have to fight Luigi and Peach, don't lose a life and win in under 45 seconds. Now beat the rest of the game and Luigi will challenge you.

Dr. Mario:
Beat Classic Mode with Mario on any level without continuing then beat Adventure Mode with Mario without losing a life.

Young Link:
Complete classic mode with 10 characters, 2 of the characters must be Zelda and Link.

The easiest way to get marth is to play vs. mode with all 14 default characters, computer players don't count. You can also get Marth by beating classic mode with all 14 default characters.

After you get marth, beat classic mode with marth without losing a life, or beat adventure mode with any character without continuing.

Complete event # 29.

Complete the 100 MultiMan Melee.

Complete event # 37.

Mewtwo takes a long time to get. You have to play vs. mode for 20 HOURS. The computer doesn't count. To see your time, on the main menu, go to Data, Melee Records, Misc. Records. Look at combined vs. play time. If you play with more than one human player, your time go up faster (Example: if you play for 5 hours with 4 human players, it would equal 20 hours)

Mr. Game and Watch:
Complete Classic or Adventure mode with 24 characters.

-----------------------------HIDDEN STAGES-----------------------------
Kongo Jungle (old):
Complete the 15 minute melee. This is hard. Get a beam sword and stand at the edge of the stage and use the a button to keep the wire frames away from you for the rest of the time. If you do this correctly, you should beat this easily.

Yoshi's Island (old):
Hit Sandbag at least 1300 feet in the Home-Run Contest.

Dreamland (old):
Complete target test with all 25 characters in under 2 minutes each.

Brinstar Depths:
Play 50 vs. matches

Play 100 vs. matches.

F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue:
Play 150 vs. matches.

Kanto Skies: Poké Floats:
Play 200 vs. matches.

Mushroom Kingdom 2:
thanks to Adam_Pro
Get a birdo or pidgit trophy

Superflat World: Flat Zone:
Comlete Classic Mode with Mr. Game & Watch, or complete event # 45.

Beat all-star mode with any character.

Final Destination:
Complete all 51 events.

--------------------------OTHER HIDDEN STUFF---------------------------

All-Star Mode:
Unlock all 25 characters

Score Display (in Additional Rules):
Earn a combined total of more than 5,000 KOs

Random Stage (in Additional Rules):
Open Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, Poké Floats, Kingdom II, and Flat Zone

Sound Test (in Data):
Unlock every stage and character

Events 11-15:
Complete six event matches

Events 16-20:
Compete ten event matches

Events 21-25:
Complete 16 event matches

Events 26-29:
Complete 22 event matches

Event 30:
Complete 27 event matches

Events 31-39:
Complete 30 event matches and unlock Falco, Jigglypuff, Luigi, and Young Link

Events 40-50:
Complete 30 events and unlock all characters (except Pichu)

Event 51:
Complete events 1-50

---------------------------HINTS AND TIPS------------------------------

Event #28 : Puffballs Unite!:
by site owner
This is a hard event if your not using a stratagy. The easyest way I've found to KO the kirbys is to use mario's up+B attack. You have to be high off the ground when you use it to KO the kirbys.

15 Minute Multi-Man Melee:
by site owner
When you beat the 15 minute melee, you get the Kongo Jungle course, but this is very hard to beat. Choose Mewtwo, go to the edge of the course (facing away from the course), and press B. Mewtwo will charge his shadow ball attack and just let his sit there charging. Watch Mewtwo because sometimes the male wire frames hits you. Also watch out for items like bob-ombs. I've been KOed by a bob-omb with only 2 minutes left.

Hidden Stages:
by site owner
thanks to MasterAsh42
For many hidden stages, you have to play from 50 to 200 vs matches. This is the fastest way to get vs. matches. Go to Melee on the VS. Mode menu, Choose Fox and any computer player and put the com on level 1. Click at the top where it says what kind of battle your playing to get the option screen. Change Rules to Stock, Stock to 1, and Damage Ratio to 2.0. Now Choose a small stage to fight on (I used Mushroom Kingdom 2). When the battle starts, grab your enemy and throw him/her backwards. The battle should be about 1 second long. Do this Battle over and over until you get 200 matches.

by Monkeyboy
Daisy is another selctable character from start. If you change Peaches costume to Yellow Then it will be Daisy and not peach. Compare it to the Trophy of Daisy if you don't think im right.
Minute Melees:
by Nicole Smash Fan
For the minute melees, you can use Princess Peach by floating above all the melees, then when you come down, kick one off the edge. Then float again and again for 3 minutes or 15 minutes, whichever you chose.

15 Minute Melee:
by MasterAsh42
Another route to go to complete the 15-Minute Melee would be to use Zelda. Transform to Shiek at the beginning of the match and put yourself at the edge of the field with as little space as possible between you and the ledge. (Rolling into it is the best way, as the roll stops when it hits the extreme of a ledge.) Put your back to the outside of the field and fire your chain into the fray. Then simply swing away at the Fighting Wire Frames as they attempt to approach you.
After several minutes of this, you should be able to learn the exact range, physics, and "sweet spot" of the chain, so you don't necessarily have to cramp your hand swinging throughout the whole 15 minutes.
As you mentioned with Mewtwo, the Male Wire Frames seem to have a knack for getting behind you and onto the outside of the ledge. Simply use caution. . .

Third Jump:
by site owner
The Mid Air dodge can also be used as a small jump. Point to the diection you want to go and press R or L. This works best when you don't want to use the Up+B attack because it takes too long. It's also good to use with characters like yoshi and jigglypuff that don't have a Up+B Jump